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On March 21st Turkish Government has blocked any access to Twitter after Prime Minister Erdogan announcement to “root out” the social network, after recent weeks posts showing evidences of his corruption and seriously damaging his reputation ahead of local vote. Even though Ankara’s Court on March 26th has ordered the reactivation of the social media, Erdogan turns now to Youtube, showing total uncomprehension of the web lesson that Turkish people gave him during the last days.

Despite the ban, Twitter users in Turkey sent 2,236,982 tweets just during the day of March 21st generating a total volume of 11 millions of tweets from March 20th to date, managing to send tweets by changing DNS address, using VPN and sending through SMS.

Twitter usage in Turkey Overview

During the past days total conversations volumes slightly decreased (from an average of 2 millions tweets per day to 1,5 millions of daily tweets); on the other hand, Google research trends registered a huge peak for the keywords “dns değiştirmek” (“DNS change” in Turkish language) between March 21st and March 23rd, showing how people knew how to got around the ban.

Google trend Turkey

And the same did Turkey President Gul that published a tweet dissociating from the government’s act:

Tweet President Gul

Among most influent Turkish authors that kept on publishing tweets during the last days: Istanbul City, Turkish Airlines, NTV, Turkish CNN.

Tweets authors Turkey

Data also show how number of unique authors increased during past days, against a decrease of the number per posts per author, as if people was posting tweets to show their presence on Twitter, more than to start a conversation:

unique authors trend twitter Turkey

In conclusion, while waiting for Turkish elections final results, recents facts show once again how social media are a public domain, where governments’ awkward actions may result in a  inescapable boomerang effect.