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The Great Beauty’s Oscar as the Best Foreign Language Film at 2014 Oscars Ceremony, has generated a lot of buzz among Italian social media channels. The portrait of the Italian Society given by Paolo Sorrentino raised some people thumbs up, but fell some other’s thumbs down, dividing Italian Social Media Panel in supporting and disapproving judgements.

We tracked the Italian social panel conversations’ profile considering the time period from February 28th (2 days before the Oscars’ Night) to March 6th ( four days after) and we observed that the Italian social media generated 307,932 posts, out of which 179,621 relevant posts about “oscar 2014” and “great beauty” topics. 98% of relevant posts were coming from Twitter and the highest peak was reached on March 3rd with 135,928 posts.

The Great Beauty Social Media Conversations


34% of the panel showed a positive reaction, 13% posted negative comments about the movie while a 26% expressed a “negative attitude” actually using the topic of the movie to criticize the Italian current economic and political system, the administration of the city of Rome, politics and entrepreneurs of the Italian scene.

The common sentiment is well summarized in the following post, which is one of the Top Re-tweeted, stating:

“#thegreatbeauty hurts that’s why we split. We should complain about our Country not about the movie”

Top retweet the great beauty

 The following words clusters show politicians names such as “berlusconi”, “gasparri” “nichivendola” and words like “decline”, “decadent” “regression”, “italians”, “poverty”, “country” as if the movie may have hurted Italians’ sensitivity, being another mean of debate and criticism.

Italian Words Cluster The Great Beauty

The social network analysis of the collected data, produced the following Chart of Twitter Communication Flows:

Chart Conversations Analysis Oscars' Night

  • The Red/Purple flows point out conversations generated by “SkyNotte degli Oscar
  • Blue flows show tweets coming from general media (Corriere, Linkiesta, Mediaset, RAI)
  • Light blue show conversations generated by Cinema Industry’s network (muccino, distribution01, indigo_film)
  • Yellow are tweets referring to the hashtag #thegreatbeauty generated by Tourism and hotels accounts
  • Orange refer to a small cluster of conversations generated by the network of the newspaper “Il FattoQuotidiano

Download Chart

Among most influent authors @CocaCola takes the first place, followed by European Commission, the Italian National Newspaper La Repubblica, Armani and Fiat. The list of the Top 50 influencers is available @welikecrm on Twitter.

Oscars Night Italian Top Influencer

Most prolific profile on Twitter after @skycinema and before @01distribution was @TrastevereRM, a Roman local magazine, expressing the feeling of pride of the city where the whole movie took place.

The great beauty Italian prolific accounts

Finally, new prime Minister Matteo Renzi’s tweet took the first place of the Top re-tweets, stating:

“We have other priorities in this particular moment but expressing our pride for Sorrentino and the GreatBeauty is a must”

The great beauty Italian Premier Tweet

In conclusion, “thanks generator” apart (the viral phenomenon that is joking with Fellini and Maradona Sorrentino’s “thanks to” speech) , the Great Beauty is taking Italians to meditate about the current Society’s situation and about the change that Italy need to win an Oscar in each way.