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It is life, more than death, that has no limitsLove in the time of cholera

Gabriel Garcia Marquez’ recent death has touched the whole word and it’s impressing how some people life can really leave a sign in this world, influencing other people lives and eventually surviving to death.

Today people thoughts and passions are shared through social networks and the news of the death of Gabriel Garcia Marquez has generated 1.580.043 comments, 98% out of which have been posted via Twitter.

The universal power of this writer and his art has been reflected in the geographical distribution of post and comments, as showed in the chart below, where Latin America’s Countries such as Colombia and Mexico have a strong presence.

Gabriel Garcia Marquez global posts

Data extracted from 954.167 geographically relevant posts

Here follows a Top 10 list of Countries per number of post in memory of Gabriel Garcia Marquez:

  • Colombia 234781
  • Venezuela 149730
  • United States 143427
  • Mexico 135379
  • Spain 48050
  • Argentina 31002
  • Peru 20122
  • Ecuador 18284
  • Italy 17044

The extracted data reveal a strong impact on South America and Latin Countries, but at the same time they highlight a global grief for the loss of this writer, coming from each part of the Earth, using words expressing both appreciacion and gratitude.

Gabriel Garcia Marquez Word Cloud

This reaction reflects the meaning that arts has for human being and how a writer’s piece may impact and even change our lives, resulting in a deep grief for the man that wrote the sentence that gave sense to a particular moment, such as the following that gave sense to mine, sounding more or less like this:

If there is a reason to condemn you on the Judgement day is that you had love in your house and you could not recognize itDiatribe of love agaist a seated man