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Social Intelligence for Enterprise

Our mission is to provide Social Intelligence and business decision support services of excellence, making use of the best platforms and analysts available on the market.

A combination of services, ranging from web listening to CRM process integration, by way of monitoring and social media CRM: Customer/Citizen Insight, Brand reputation, Competitor Analysis and benchmarking, Crisis Management, Social Customer Profiling, Media Mapping.

We have access to web data dating from the beginning of 2009 onwards. This allows us to carry out historical analyses in order to provide the maximum detail possible in the reports that we produce for our clients.

We can analyze unstructured internal company data (CRM notes, Trouble tickets, questionnaires, etc.), in order to add context and precision to external web analysis.

Our Services

Customer Insight

Historical analysis of online client opinion

We carry out research on the real position of your brand/service/product, establishing its strong and weak points at a precise moment (now).

It is possible to draw attention to past events, initiatives or campaigns that generated particular hype or problems, supporting marketing with historical data that may not have been available at the time of the campaign itself (or which may have gone unnoticed).

Competitor Analisys

Listening to your competitors in the marketplace

Analyzing competitors along every axis of business makes it possible to carry out deep analysis of your company’s position.

You can gain an understanding of what your organization’s particular strong points are with respect to each competitor, reinforce your positioning strategies and build upon the qualities your company has that really do help to distinguish it from the competition in the eyes of customers, or work to bring about improvements in any areas where customers perceive the organization to be falling behind the competition.

Brand Reputation

How people are talking about your brand online

This type of analysis establishes the Sentiment towards and Positioning of a particular brand with respect to its own value and its competitors. In addition to a simple analysis of Sentiment it is possible to carry out a SWOT Analysis and competitor comparison.

This is often useful at the level of marketing, in order to develop a new brand, or in order to carry out online reputation “repair” by tracking down brand detractors.

Media Mapping

Identifying the influencers who impact upon your brand

Mapping media and opinion leaders on the web is an essential condition for being able to develop an effective online presence.

Once they have been identified, it is imperative to ensure that a press office is equipped with an up-to-date list of influencers, evangelists and detractors who can be contacted by Marketing and PR.

Customer Profiling

New segmentation and social network analysis to construct new logics of customer profiling

We are able to make the most of your existing contacts by looking at them through the prism of social media, analyzing how they influence others and spread information virally. This enables you to add value to your existing base of data, profiling your users more precisely and identifying the evangelists and detractors, even in the areas of politics and crowdsourcing.

Crisis Management

Crisis prevention using real time alerts

Problems such as the rapid, viral diffusion of negative posts, fraud and scams, mystification and falsification of brands and products on social networks are clearly identified in close to real time and automatic alerts are sent directly to you. You can also set up personalized alerts, differentiated by subject and level of escalation, and spread across a range of different channels of communication.

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