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Social Enterprise / Knowledge Management

In order for a company to integrate itself into the external world of social media it must learn how to become internally conversational and collaborative. This requires the adoption of an Enterprise 2.0 strategy.

Making the most of the flows of Knowledge Management and the strategic organization of social media and the web have become an indispensable part of doing business today.

Our goal is to help you develop a content and technology strategy that can be smoothly integrated into your business. We aim to put in place structures that will allow your business to evolve into the world of social media, by facilitating the continuous exchange of information within the organization itself (Enterprise 2.0) and between the organization and the outside world (Social CRM).

The world of social media is, by its nature, fluid and extremely changeable. This is why it is key to have an agile management strategy that enables the interactive integration of technology and process.

This strategy has to work in contexts that are technologically mature and those that are still maturing, to make sure that the technological and process demands placed on an organization are not excessively onerous, and ensure that risks are spread across successive interactions, and not focused on a single point.

Intranet? No, a Digital Workspace!

We work towards objectives, and this makes us an ideal partner. Our working methodology has been developed over the course of many years of collaboration with companies.

We are able to help you develop your digital workspaces into an environment suited to knowledge management by:

  • Analyzing the flows of information related to customer service
  • Planning a Knowledge Management environment
  • Setting out a content management policy
  • Designing a KPI system for levels of service performance

In addition to planning and implementation, one of our primary objectives is to transfer necessary skills and knowledge to the internal resources of your organization. Where necessary, we aim to alter company culture to ensure that projects can be adequately managed over time.

We use the term digital workplace instead of intranet as it takes into account all of the aspects of Knowledge work, instead of concentrating on the aspect of Content Management alone.

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