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Social CRM

We can track down data wherever it is and listen to your users wherever they are talking about you. We specialize in doing so outside the confines of your organization, in order to set out the scenarios best suited to your needs


  • Reactive : direct Engagement with official customer care pages/profiles only
  • Balanced : direct Engagement with official pages, and with additional relevant sources
  • Proactive : Engagement guided principally by data derived from external web analysis

Social CRM ToolKit

Companies are only aware of part of what is said about their products online: that which is published on their own sites and blogs. They remain ignorant of the rest of what is being said. Not all of what is being said is useful, but some of it can make a difference: above all in the those processes that have the greatest impact on clients (customer care).

Our toolkit is made to measure to provide you with a lightweight, agile framework that makes it possible for you to deal with every client need at the moment that it presents itself. The toolkit is made up of multiple parts, including:

SMM – Monitoring

Enables you to take decisions about strategic direction dealing with processes and personnel.

SME – Engagement

Activity in the area of official customer care, integrated with CRM to make it possible to manage data at other levels of the company.

SMA – Analytics

Fundamental for measuring performance reaction and user satisfaction.

Trust our specialized team to look after your data!

Start taking decisions based on online data!


Listen (Customer Insight): the preparatory phase to ensure an appropriate diagnosis of the correct actions to be taken and indices to be evaluated, which constitute the basis of Social CRM.

Organize (architecture and process): using the data gathered through listening, the business case is constructed, identifying instruments, architecture, strategies and competencies.

Engage: Instrument configuration, channel set-up and strategy roll-out.

Measure: Definition of KPI and measurement of engagement actions according to the constructed model.


Our services in the area of SocialCRM are orientated towards organiZational enhancement, made possible by the location of online information existing outside of the organization itself. This is what we can do for your company:

  • Draw up plans for organizational processes relative to CRM
  • Integrate and harmonize social media KPI with company performance
  • Staff training
  • GAP analisys
  • Evaluation of social media operator performance
  • “Light” technological integration and support for new social media processes
  • Selection and configuration of support instruments
  • Staffing analysis

Trust our specialized team to look after your data!

Start taking decisions based on online data!