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The Israeli-Palestinian conflict is covering with blood Middle East territories since the end of the First Global War and it is still today fueling with hate and war the two States of Israel and Palestine with heavy consequences on both civil populations.

In particular, current Israeli raids against Gaza, after the murder of three young Israelian guys, are causing several deaths among Palestinian Population, reviving this never-ending conflict of which we just listen to the far echo.

During last days, infact, we have been touched more by Brasilians’ tears, after Brasil defeat on the World Cup soccer field, more than blood and tears flowing by Palestinian and Israelian battlefields.

However, social conversation monitored during last days show people consciousness toward the conflict, with over 6,000 posts generated on Italian social networks with the recurring hashtag #breakingthesilence.

Israeli-Palestinian Conflict Social Sentiment
“Breaking the silence” is also the name of the Israelian Veteran Soldiers non profit organization, aimed to bring to public opinion attention what happens on the battlefield, thus showing as the intent of “breaking the silence” is common to both parts in conflict.

This is a “thunderous silence” as stated in the following tweet, posted by the Italian music band 99Posse which is among most re-tweeted:

Most retweets Israeli-Palestinian Social Sentiment
The common need to give light to this conflict is also showed in the following topic wheel, where the central message is: “We want the truth”:

Topic wheel Breaking the silence

Main post volumes come from Twitter and Facebook, followed by Blogspot, showing as attention for this topic is mainly generated by individuals on social platforms more than by media sources:

top sites breaking the silence social sentiment

Top mentioned accounts are Italian National Newspaper La Repubblica, Prime Minister Matteo Renzi’s account and Italian Public TV Account RaiNews:

top mentions breaking the silence social sentiment

Once again, we notice how the popular sentiment comes out from the social media, showing a “human” point of view that goes beyond the media industry topics and governments actions and calls for respect and consciousness toward Israeli-Palestinian deaths and pains, that definitely should come to an end.